Thursday, May 25, 2006

Just 1 page 2006

Here's my entry for this year's Just1page project. This year's theme was to incorporate the World (as in World Cup football) into a comic image. I'm not really into football, but it seemed more amusing to play more towards the football side...


  1. Ive looked at this countless times now and think its fucking great.
    (As I do most of your designs and artwork)
    Sorry to pull Quizmaster on you.
    As we all (should) know, Galactus is from Taa. A world that existed before our universe did.
    Hence the name of his immense ship, Taa II

  2. Well spotted sir. However.

    You are correct in assuming we should all know of Taa. After much consideration I purposely ommitted the fact. Reason being? Us pitiful humans are not blessed with the knowledge of Galactus' home world. We can only speculate where such a godlike being came from, if indeed he came from anywhere.

    Plus I thought one with a question mark would look cool.

    Perhaps another 'alien races' round is at hand?

    'Nuff said!

  3. Definately definately!
    I hope you dont mind but I already have this one as a desktop background.
    I tremble with anticipation at another.
    Yours Superheroingly,
    Big D